Friday Review

Weather from Wherever, London Loop, and a Yellow Phone

Snow day? No chance

… at least not if you live in Central London and can walk to work! However, if you do happen to be at home with nothing to do on snow day (and you have children), kids eat free at Jamie’s today:

Word of the week

This week’s word of the week: Latibulate, which means to hide in a corner… as in;

to latibulate with a toasty log fire and a cuppa hot chocolate

Yum. The word is pretty much obsolete (it’s not in the big fat Collins dictionary), but Susie Dent is working on bringing it back:

Inspiring teen of the week

There’s a new film of the book A Wrinkle in Time, which many of you will have read before. A teenager called Taylor Richardson crowd sourced $20,000 to enable a thousand girls to watch the film. Here’s more info.

The Matrix phone is back… sort of

It’s back, and it’s… yellow

I remember buying the 8110 on eBay after the first Matrix film came out. How cool was that? Is it still cool? Not sure… let’s make it yellowMore info via the Guardian.

Cool stuff

I promise there’s won’t be too many animals in this Friday Review, but here’s a dog doing its thing:

Plus, here’s a bonus cat gif from my talented friend Alexandra. She must be really quite busy I reckon:

[wpvideo z2vhYZ9E ]

Cool stuff

This artist has been drawing mythical beasts from around the world based on what people have written about them:

TFL have built a messenger bot – it seems to be a work in progress, but the ability to ask quickly “when’s the next bus?” could prove pretty helpful when out and about in London (I don’t think Citymapper is quite beaten yet somehow).

If you’re a web designer, here’s a useful page where they post elements of web pages that work well on other sites. It’s called Good Web Design (duh):


Shameless plug for stuff I made

This week I’ve put a couple of posts live that I’ve been working on for a while. First up, I’ve written my first ever short story and stuck it straight online for the whole world to see. If you have a bit of time on snow day then have a read: Good Night, Countess

A castle in the clouds good night countess

I also uploaded a personal project that I worked on a while back – it’s an experimental photography technique called light painting and you can get some pretty cool effects! Check what I did and how I did it here: Light Painting a Telecaster

light painting photographic experiments by graham ormiston

Just in case you missed it, I also wrote a review of Black Panther last week, which is doing reeeaaaaallly well in the box office!

The Oscars are Coming

And what better way to be informed about the nominated movies than for Honest Trailers to give you the run down?

Top Tweets

Manic menu:

Caffeine + Designer =

Programming in Real Life:

London Loop

There’s an interesting competition on at the moment being run by Loop (an online file sharing platform) – they’ve bought out a bunch of bus stop advertising spaces all over London, and they’re looking for people to submit their work to potentially be shown on the billboards – estimating up to 10M potential views for work that appears. That’s a good bit of exposure. On top of that, there’s a top prize of £10k, and prizes for people who vote too. All in all, strong marketing game from Loop!


So if you’re either a photographer, designer (pretty broad?!), illustrator, painter, or writer, why not give it a go? I think I might!

More info on the competition here:

And finally…

I discovered this incredible artwork for Robin Wood on Pinterest, on the connection between nature and life. Very thoughtful and beautifully executed design work:


Have a happy Friday!

Snow photo by Emanuel Hahn