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Weather from Wherever, London Loop, and a Yellow Phone


Snow day? No chance … at least not if you live in Central London and can walk to work! However, if you do happen to be at home with nothing to do on snow day (and you have children), kids eat free at Jamie’s today: Word of the week This week’s word of the week: Latibulate, which means to hide in a corner… as in; to latibulate with a toasty log fire and a cuppa hot chocolate Yum...

Space cars, romantic pasties and a photogenic cow


Sign up to the weekly Friday Review newsletter to get this straight in your inbox every Friday. No spam, just solid fun (well, I think so anyway).  This happened It seems as though Elon Musk (the Paypal-nerd-turned-super-rich-flamethrowing-tesla-owning-spacex-entrepreneur) is always in the news these days. This week, he sent a car into space on the world’s most powerful rocket, the Falcon...

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