Friday Review

Lightsaber Academies, Abbey Road, and the Legend of Cambria

Can you believe it? This is the tenth episode of Friday Review, my quick roundup of all the interesting and fun stuff I’ve read about on the internet each week. Thanks for reading, and feel free to share this with anyone else you think might enjoy it.  Well, it certainly seems that each week as […]

Filmmaking Photography Projects

Light Painting a Telecaster

At the heart of it, light painting is a pretty basic photographic technique: find yourself a dark room, set your camera up on a tripod on a long exposure (10 or 20 seconds should do it) and wave a light source near the object you want to shoot. Repeat. There’s something beautiful about the organic […]


What are the rules of good photography?

The rules are a good starting point with photography, but as with anything, it’s often useful to know and understand the rules before then figuring out how best to bend or break them – the best photography can often go against those rules! 1: Shoot with the light behind you to light the subject This […]