iPhone Movies, Wes Anderson, and a Looping Tuba


Welcome back to Friday Review, a fast food style weekly roundup of internetish things along with a seasoning of grahamo.com updates – it may not be entirely substantial, but sometimes it’s just what you want for breakfast. New this week I was fascinated to see a feature length movie has been released that was entirely shot on iPhone. With phone cameras genuinely shooting decent...

Robodogs, London jaunts, and a near-death mattress


Welcome to Friday Review episode 6! Signup to my newsletter to get notified about this and other posts on my creative blog. Onto the week… That Friday feeling This track has been giving me a Friday feeling all week, give it a listen: Out and about My friend Jennie has started a new blog: Jolly Jaunts in London – she’s great at finding unusual and interesting things to do in our...

Space cars, romantic pasties and a photogenic cow


Sign up to the weekly Friday Review newsletter to get this straight in your inbox every Friday. No spam, just solid fun (well, I think so anyway).  This happened It seems as though Elon Musk (the Paypal-nerd-turned-super-rich-flamethrowing-tesla-owning-spacex-entrepreneur) is always in the news these days. This week, he sent a car into space on the world’s most powerful rocket, the Falcon...

Good Habits – and Whisky


This week I’ve been offered a Monzo Golden ticket… that basically means that I can invite one person to join the bank which will jump you to the front of the queue to get one. To be in with a chance to win, subscribe to my weekly newsletter and I’ll choose one subscriber at random to arrange it* In creative news (not #fakenews) A graphic design job ad went viral in LA, with applicants from all...

The Boy Who Cried War


Welcome to Friday Review episode 2, where I take a quick look back at the week and pick out a few highlights – this week we’re looking at the importance of user interfaces, plus; why I went to Parliament, what I’m reading now, stories in Portuguese, and a few interesting jobs I’ve seen advertised. This one is called… ~ THE BOY WHO CRIED WAR ~ The importance of User...

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