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Finish by Jon Acuff – Book Review


This week I read Jon Acuff’s Finish. Unlike an earlier book of his (titled Start), Finish is aimed at people who have no trouble starting projects, but struggle to reach the end of their goals, for myriad reasons. (Hello!)
It’s a motivational book which has at its heart a simple premise; perfectionism is the enemy.

My grandmother sends her regards and apologises by Fredrik Backman – Book Review


It’s a wordy and possibly unappealing title, but this was a book that delighted, surprised, amused and saddened me in equal measure – sometimes all at once. A philosophical adventure with pretty much just the right amount of everything. The story opens with a hilarious scene introducing the two main characters: Elsa, a seven-going-on-seventy-year-old girl, and her seventy-going-on-seven...

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