Friday Review

Space cars, romantic pasties and a photogenic cow

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This happened

It seems as though Elon Musk (the Paypal-nerd-turned-super-rich-flamethrowing-tesla-owning-spacex-entrepreneur) is always in the news these days. This week, he sent a car into space on the world’s most powerful rocket, the Falcon Heavy. That wasn’t even the most amazing thing – the rocket then returned to Earth and landed upright to be refuelled for another mission. Whaaaaa?

The Super Bowl, which is a celebrate ad break in the USA, where some sport is also played. You can watch all the Super Bowl video ads here, rated worst to best.

Intel demo’d new smart glasses that beam information straight into your retina (so you don’t have to focus on it). Creepy or not?

Sadly, John Mahoney (an actor who was well known for playing Martin Crane on Frasier) died. Interesting fact, in order to persuade Eddie the dog to lick John Mahoney‘s face when required for a scene, Mahoney’s face first had to be discreetly smeared with liver pâté.

A micro story

My friend Joe wrote this tiny story for me on WhatsApp and I had to share it:

Graham had heard it said many times before, “Never meet your heroes”.
He often pondered why this should be the received wisdom of the generations. Then, one day, he finally understood.
One click was all it took for his epiphany.
One view of the Electro-Harmonix web homepage unleashed a torrent of unimagined disappointment, somewhat akin to a dinner date with John Mayer.

“Never meet your heroes.”

Always employ a competent web designer with a developed sense of aesthetics.

The end.

Thanks for that, Joe! By the way, you can check out the mental Electro Harmonix website in question here 🙂

New articles for your eyeballs

I reviewed the new Spielberg / Streep / Hanks film “The Post (still in cinemas). It’s an interesting (true) story, nicely shot, but I argue that it’s all a bit too clean and calculated for my liking – see what you think.

Make our offices green again: there’s a new trend in the hippest offices where they are trying to make it feel like working in a forest. It looks amazing and I want to work there!

I also suggest a method to help prevent your social media account getting hacked – if you don’t know what two-step authentication is, check out the article as it might just stop all your data being stolen and your account being used as a host for viruses and malware. You’ve been warned.

Top tweets

Analogue Uber:

Wall Street Traders:

Photogenic cow:

Toddler Star Wars shoot:

Giraffic Park:

Grammar Police:

Oh wow gosh

(A bunch of cool stuff that doesn’t really fit anywhere else)

Habit lab is a programme from Stanford University that you can install into your Google Chrome browser, that acts to ‘help you regain control of your browsing’. It does this by intervening every time you access Facebook, Twitter etc – different settings include hiding the news feed, showing a visible timer at the top of each page (showing your total time per day) – in total 20 interventions to prevent the automatic instinct to check your feed. It’s only on Google Chrome though, so if you’re habitually checking your phone, maybe you should get a fake phone from last week’s Friday Review 🙂

Meludia is an interesting ear training app for mobiles / tablets. It promises to exercise your musical brain and increase your confidence playing by ear (which, in my experience is the most satisfying way of playing). I’m going to be reviewing it properly at some point soon so watch this space: Ear training by Meludia 

My good friend Sam Isaacson has written a book (self published through Amazon). I’m a particular fan of the blurb on the back, which states: “A book that will change EVERYTHING about how you lead teams FOREVER.” Forever… I have yet to read it yet so unfortunately I can’t comment on whether it meets that incredible statement, but here’s the link if you want to find out for yourself: The Conflict Con: Why teams need tension to be their best.

There’s a charity in the South West called Hope and Homes for Children, and they are looking for a graphic designer for maternity cover. They’re a great charity who I’ve worked with several times over the years, so if you’re based down there you should definitely get in touch:

And finally…

It’s Valentine’s day next week, but don’t worry if you haven’t organised anything yet… I’ve got just the thing for you, my romantic friends:

That’s right: you can now book a romantic dinner for two, including a bottle of prosecco from the classic, romantic venue: GREGGS. At £15 for 2, it’s the perfect way to show your partner just how much you love them. Book yourself in today with OpenTable.

That’s it for this week – Happy Friday!



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