Friday Review

Robodogs, London jaunts, and a near-death mattress

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That Friday feeling

This track has been giving me a Friday feeling all week, give it a listen:

Out and about

My friend Jennie has started a new blog: Jolly Jaunts in London – she’s great at finding unusual and interesting things to do in our capital, so check it out.

Whilst you’re thinking about staying in London, here’s an interesting look at the data of Airbnb in London. Here’s the overview: 90,000 rentals in 2014, up to nearly 20,000 rentals per week in 2017.

A bit further afield, here’s an incredible video (yeah okay, advert) for the Range Rover Hybrid Sport), where they drive a bright red 4×4 up the mountain to Heaven’s Gate on Tianmen Mountain, China:

This seems to be turning into an ad for Land Rover (no affiliation), but this does look like the most epic school run ever:

Back to the East, the Winter Olympics started in South Korea with a bang last week. In particular, check out these amazing Drones at the Olympic opening ceremony:

Speaking of technological triumphs, if you haven’t yet seen the robo-dog that can open doors with its creepy head-hand, you’ll probably want to crawl back under the rock you’ve been hiding under once you have watched this:

Cheer up though – whilst we can convince ourselves that we live in a modern dystopia like Black Mirror, we also live in a world where people can spend their time putting silly voices over big, serious sportsmen:

Phew, that’s better.

Turn managing your habits into an RPG


A while back I wrote an article about the importance of habits, and this website turns your habits into a fun role-playing game (in the style of 80s arcade games) that you can do with friends. I’m not sure whether it works in practice, but it looks really fun!

Branded in memory

The Branded in Memory website shows some really interesting research into how well we can remember brands. Not so much when shown a logo – that’s easy: more how well you can draw a logo from memory. Here’s a sample of people trying to draw the Apple logo for example:

People tried to draw the Apple logo from memory
Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 13.11.30.png
An analysis of the how accurate our logo memories are

There are a few interesting ones in there, including a few that I would definitely have got seriously wrong myself!

Top Tweets

Here’s a selection of my favourite tweets from this week…

Death by Mattress

 Frasier x IKEA

Syrupy poetry for pancake day

Tough Moral Choices

An Innocent job

There’s a job going for a digital content producer at drinks manufacturer Innocent.

And finally

Here’s a real-life race between a tortoise and a hare. It probably goes exactly as you might expect:

That’s it for this week – over the next week I’ve got at least one review coming out plus my first ever short story, probably. Maybe. Watch this space.

Happy Friday!

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