Friday Review

Rhinos, God in the machine, and Big Data Mistakes

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This happened

Some of my readers will remember watching Newsround on CBBC – I loved the programme and even now think that some of the ‘grown-up’ news channels could learn something from the un-patronising clarity that Newsround brought to subjects. I was thinking about the many Newsround episodes that focussed on extinction when I saw the tragic news this week that the last male White Rhino has died.

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica were at the centre of a big data (sorry) scandal this week, with revelations that data shared between the companies has been utilised to shape the outcomes of elections including the US elections in 2016.

Soooo… #deletefacebook then?

It’s strange that with the recent scandals, I’m still finding ways to justify keeping Facebook in my life… it shows how deep it has become embedded into our lives. I mean, it’s just an app, right?

I must admit that whilst I mainly use it as a creator, to share my posts and work, I’d probably be horrified by how much of my data the company has given away. I’ve seen reports that the data can include all your old contacts (even ones from old phones), phone call history, and more, depending on what information you accept that FB can have when you first open the app.

If you’re worried about your data on Facebook but aren’t in a position to delete your account (for whatever reason), here’s some pointers on how to limit the data you give to FB.

God in the machine

This is a little outside of my usual online writing: I’ve written a post for the online publication, called ‘God in the machine‘. Essentially it’s about fearing the rapid advance of technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence, and how I combat this anxiety through my faith. Even if you don’t agree it might be a thought provoking read, so have a look and let me know what you think! Comment is free 🙂

Sneak peak

I’ve also been trying to fit in time to edit the audio version of my first short story – it’s soooo close, but not quite ready yet (plus it’ll probably take a day or two to submit to iTunes etc), so I’m just going to leave you with a sneak peak of the cover art for my new podcast series. How exciting 😉

This Week’s Top Tweets

Putin the wrong clothes on (gettit?)

Another brick in the wall

In the key of X

You had one job



Featured Instagram: Novo Weddings (wink wink)

This is a new section I’m trying in Friday Review… each week I’ll pick a single Instagram account that I think is worth following with a little bit about why I think they’re worth your eyeball time. This week I’m going to go for a shameless plug and feature the Instagram account for Novo Weddings, a wedding photography and video company I run on the side with Lucy, my wife.

It’s not a full time business, but we shoot about 10 (max) weddings a year – enough to keep us busy and current, but not so many that we dread the job!

The majority of weddings take place in the South of England, though we have photographed and filmed in the Lake District and even Beirut!

If you’re interested in finding out more about Novo Weddings, follow us on Insta or take a look at our wedding photography website.

And finally… I joined Reddit

Reddit is an online community that has been going on for years and years, but I’ve always been a bit confused by the way it worked, and slightly nervous about some of the stuff posted on there. However, I’ve gone and signed up this week so I’m figuring it out. Here’s a couple of posts I’ve enjoyed (this Friday Review really is a social media fest, apologies!)

Looking at pictures online of people trying to take photos of mirrors they want to sell is my new thing… from funny

High speed bike run with stabilized camera from oddlysatisfying

That’s it for this week! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates throughout the week 🙂 And I promise next week’s review won’t be quite so social media heavy.