Black Panther – Film Review


Black Panther is the latest in the ever-growing collection of films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) taking over $13bn at the box office and with a total of 18 films including Avengers, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy. Black Panther was referred to by the Guardian as “the first major black superhero movie” (hmm, not sure they’ve seen Blade). It’s a strong move by the studio though...

My grandmother sends her regards and apologises by Fredrik Backman – Book Review


It’s a wordy and possibly unappealing title, but this was a book that delighted, surprised, amused and saddened me in equal measure – sometimes all at once. A philosophical adventure with pretty much just the right amount of everything. The story opens with a hilarious scene introducing the two main characters: Elsa, a seven-going-on-seventy-year-old girl, and her seventy-going-on-seven...

The Post – Film Review


A sentimental historical drama retelling the story of the US press in 1971 risking everything to release the top secret ‘Pentagon Papers’ to the public, and showing the battle to tell the truth publicly under a controlling US government (somewhat mirroring today’s), under President Nixon. The Spielberg / Hanks duo are back at it again (other films directed by Spielberg and lead by Hanks include;...

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne – Book Review


A grand journey that takes place under the sea — discovering both the natural wonders hidden in the depths of the oceans and the elusive and mysterious character of Captain Nemo. This review contains significant spoilers — I’m not really sure how to write a thorough review without them. Go and read the book then come back and see if you agree with my review! Expectations When reading a ‘classic’...

Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy – Book Review


Amble through this beautifully told tale of love, the differences that lie between men and women, patience, maturity and redemption, set in rural Victorian England, and well deserving of the title of Literature. On maturing, one begins to appreciate the finer things in life — whether that’s enjoying a glass of Malbec and camembert so ripe that it’s about to walk off your plate, listening to the...

Ink by Alice Broadway – Book Review


Opening a new book is always interesting – it’s often with a sense of trepidation that I begin, effectively opening up my mind and imagination to anything that someone decides to write. A good story can get in your head but some stories can stay there forever, and that’s not always a good thing! I should note that on first reading the story I had no idea about the author – Alice...

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