Daniel Herskedal – The Mistral Noir


This is a short post about a music video I put together for jazz artist Daniel Herskedal. Jump to the bottom to watch the film or continue reading for a little more information about the process. Daniel Herskedal is one of the very talented jazz artists on the British jazz record label Edition Records. He’s a virtuosic tuba player heralding from Norway, known for pushing the boundaries of...

Winter Poems


It may not be winter anymore, but after the #BeastFromTheEast arrived last week I had the perfect opportunity to test out a bit of new video kit for my iPhone. So here it is. Winter Poems is a very short video showing London in wintery conditions, with excerpts taken from a few beautiful, wintery poems. I hope you like it – there’s more about the process and the poetry below the video...

Light Painting a Telecaster


At the heart of it, light painting is a pretty basic photographic technique: find yourself a dark room, set your camera up on a tripod on a long exposure (10 or 20 seconds should do it) and wave a light source near the object you want to shoot. Repeat. There’s something beautiful about the organic nature of shooting like this. Indeed, it would be impossible to get two identical results — which is...

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