Friday Review

Pride and Breadjudice, Dan Tom, and the English Alphabet

Welcome to Friday Review no. 14, a collection of fun and interesting things that I’ve found from around the web!

Top Tweets

In a break from tradition I’m going to start this week’s Friday Review with my top tweets! Hurrah!


A memory of broccoli:

A woman in tech:

Micro story:

Trump lifts embargo on Chad:

In your Facebook:

Cute cars:

Who’s watching?

Except that one thing:

Videos I Watched

Pride and Breadjudice: brand new from Peter Kay and the Warbies lot is this great ad full of puns and in-jokes:

(And here’s some of the other ideas he pitched)…

Apple ad BTS: A few weeks ago I posted the commercial for the Apple Home, which is a bit of a masterpiece. I discovered this film which shows some of the BTS (behind the scenes) stuff – I had previously assumed it was all clever CGI, but in fact it is mainly just incredible set building! There’s something so beautiful about the effort and care that has gone into this film, and no matter what you think about Apple or its products, I recommend watching this!

Star Wars Minus Williams: It’s an oldie but a goodie! This video helps to reveal just how important John William’s music is in preventing Star Wars from feeling really, really awkward:

The evolution of the english alphabet

All credit to Matt Baker (@usefulcharts) who made this incredible diagram of the evolution of the English alphabet:

A graph charting the evolution of the english alphabet in bright colours
I could look at this all day.

Cool Tools

One app to rule them all: Station

If you’re a productivity nut and tend to have hundreds of tabs open on your browser for email, Trello, slack, cal, etc – you should definitely check out Station. It’s a program for Mac or PC that enables you to put all those programs and apps in one place in a dock, making flipping between them all a cinch. It also means that if you need to get on with some actual work instead of just admin (!) you can pause notifications and minimise all the apps at once. Pretty handy.

AI colour tool for designers

A colleague forwarded this to me – seems like a pretty cool idea!

FilmConvert on offer: If you enjoy making films and want to give them a more professional finish, FilmConvert enables you to add film colour and grain to a video to give it the elusive ‘filmic’ quality – I use it on the majority of projects as it is so easy to use and quick to render out… they are offering 50% off at the moment, so check out the website!

Purchase FilmConvert

Instagrammer of the week: Dan Tom

Dan Tom has one of those Instagram accounts that feels like it is how it should be – most of his photos are shot on iPhone, but they are all so beautiful that it’s hard to believe. He’s based in San Fransisco, but seems to travel about a lot. His trademark shots are vivid landscapes and portraits – here’s a few examples:

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closer #shotoniphone

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a long way to go…

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That’s all I’ve got time for this week. Did you particularly enjoy anything this week? Drop me a comment below!