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Hamilton! – Theatre Review


It’s tough growing up as the only boy with three sisters. (Tough for them, they might say). We had a tradition where, usually at Christmas or other large dinner occasions, we kids would be tasked with doing a huge amount of washing up and drying. One would wash, three would dry, usually standing around impatiently waiting for the washer to do a single glass or knife or fork. The tradition became...

Pride and Breadjudice, Dan Tom, and the English Alphabet


Welcome to Friday Review no. 14, a collection of fun and interesting things that I’ve found from around the web! Top Tweets In a break from tradition I’m going to start this week’s Friday Review with my top tweets! Hurrah! SUSPENDED ANIMATION: SUSPENDED ANIMATION is an anagram of ‘supine man is not dead’. — Haggard Hawks (@HaggardHawks) April 12, 2018 A memory of broccoli:...

iPhone Movies, Wes Anderson, and a Looping Tuba


Welcome back to Friday Review, a fast food style weekly roundup of internetish things along with a seasoning of updates – it may not be entirely substantial, but sometimes it’s just what you want for breakfast. New this week I was fascinated to see a feature length movie has been released that was entirely shot on iPhone. With phone cameras genuinely shooting decent...

Daniel Herskedal – The Mistral Noir


This is a short post about a music video I put together for jazz artist Daniel Herskedal. Watch the film above or continue reading for a little more information about the process. Daniel Herskedal is one of the very talented jazz artists on the British jazz record label Edition Records. He’s a virtuosic tuba player heralding from Norway, known for pushing the boundaries of the instrument to...

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