It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything on this blog, especially considering the regularity with which I used to update it. So, here’s a few things that have changed on the blog, apart from the url (which is now…

Friday review is no more

No kidding, you say? It’s true, it has been over 7 months since I last posted my ‘weekly’ article. I’ve often considered restarting it as I did enjoy doing it, but there’s a few reasons that I’ve decided to pack it in:

It is demanding to produce

Believe it or not it actually took me quite a bit of time to find the bits and pieces I posted.

It isn’t original content

Going forwards I’m more interested in writing and posting original, creative work of my own, rather than re-posting stuff.

It led me down the rabbit hole of social

None of us need more reasons to look at social media. Reading excellent books like ‘Make Time’ this year have helped me to re-evaluate my relationship with social media, email and other ‘infinity pools’. When I was posting Friday Reviews I would be heavily drawn into the various worlds of Twitter, Instagram and Reddit in order to find good content – it was fun, but I dread to think of the number of hours of my life gone in the pursuit of a quick bit of fun or humour.

It’s entertainment for the sake of it

Entertainment can be great fun, but this world isn’t short of it. Again, I’m keen to contribute to culture if I possibly can, but I also think we are too used to being entertained. Sometimes we just need to switch off. is the new home of my stories and the podcast

Previously I had published any fiction I’ve written on this blog. However, I’ve decided to divide things up more clearly: the blog will be purely for thoughts, reflections, reviews and interviews. Storygram is now where I’ll be publishing any fiction I write, and is also the rebranded name of the podcast (previously, “Graham’s Shorts”).

On a related note, I’m getting close to finishing part one of my second short story, which is turning out to be not-so-short. Part one is already longer than my first short! It’s been a lot of fun to write though, so I hope you’ll have a read when I finally release it.

Coming soon: a new series: ‘Makers

I’ve been very fortunate to meet and know a few people who I would term ‘makers’ – artists, musicians, developers, these are people who I look up to and admire for their output as well as who they are! My new series which I’ll be working on over the next few months will be a series of interviews with these individuals, and will hopefully be enlightening and encouraging.

As always, thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to kicking off a couple of new articles before the end of the year. If you have any thoughts on what I could write about on the blog, drop me a comment below!

And also, if you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter, please do! I’ll not be posting much to social media so that will be the best place to be notified about new articles.