Friday Review

Lightsaber Academies, Abbey Road, and the Legend of Cambria

Can you believe it? This is the tenth episode of Friday Review, my quick roundup of all the interesting and fun stuff I’ve read about on the internet each week. Thanks for reading, and feel free to share this with anyone else you think might enjoy it. 

Well, it certainly seems that each week as I write one of these posts, another person of significance has passed away. This week is no exception, as Stephen Hawking died on Wednesday, aged 76. I have seen a lot of moving tributes all over social media, and it certainly seems that he was universally admired for his scientific contributions to humanity. Rest in peace.

Interesting stuff

  • In direct contradiction to the entire premise behind setting up this blog, the guys behind online management app Trello reckon that telling people about your goals makes you less likely to achieve themScience backed reasons you shouldn’t share your goals what do you reckon? I’m not so sure I agree…
  • If, like me, you’re interested in cinematography and lighting, checking out the lighting tutorials on this website: Matt Scott on Lighting – loads of detail here for lighting nerds! 
  • I was introduced to this week, which is an interesting concept: the Audio Creation Exchange promises to help get an audio version of your book produced (or to get you some money as an actor or voiceover artist).
  • Intel’s commercial drones – this page is totally an advert, but it doesn’t make it any less amazing what they have achieved. In fact, it feels a bit like sci-fi: Intel’s Commercial Drones
  • Paul Boag writes about what he thinks ‘digital’ is: What the heck is Digital anyway?

  • If you’re on you might have noticed this same issue – they are so heavily pushing ‘members only’ posts behind the paywall that it is ruining the experience for readers and writers alike and reveals them for the corporate machine they are.

“The word digital is misleading. It makes one think of technology, when we should be thinking of people.” – Paul Boag

Flashback Friday

ellie goulding singing at abbey road studios in london
Ellie Goulding singing at Abbey Road Studios – Photo copyright ME 😉

This week I was thinking about an amazing job I had last year where I was the photographer at a large charity event at Abbey Road Studios, so I wrote a quick post about my experience: you can read more about it here.

Last weekend I also recorded an audio version of my first short story. It’s not quite ready yet, but it should be available to listen to as a podcast sometime next week, so watch out for that. I’m really pleased at how it has turned out, and my friend Rhys who did the reading has done a truly excellent job. Can’t wait to share it with you all!

Speaking of Rhys, you might have seen him in a trailer that appeared during the Oscars on TV last week… he’s an actor and stars in the first few episodes of a mini series called ‘Legend of Cambria’, which is really some kind of bizarre advert for Cambria Surfaces, but that doesn’t make it any less engaging or fun to watch (indeed, either their marketing department are really clever or really stupid). Here’s the first episode – at only 5 minutes long it’s like Game of Thrones for people with ADHD:

Nice one, Rhys.

Top tweets

Each week I curate a few of my favourite tweets for your eyeballs… here we go!

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh 

Bananas will save us

Disney’s multi-plane camera was and is amazing

I got my dog a lifejacket and she forgot how to be a dog

You’re very quiet

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