Friday Review

Kanna, Nostalgia Machines, and The Apple Tesseract

Hi, and welcome to another instalment of Friday Review – a curation of some of the more interesting, creative and sometimes hilarious things I’ve discovered over the last week. If you enjoy this, why not forward it on to a friend?

On to the week…

The week that robots made their first move

The internet of things has arrived, and it’s cackling at us whilst we cower in a corner: this is the news that Amazon’s Alexa has been reported to laugh spontaneously without input, and people are finding it seriously creepy.

Apple, in the meantime, have just released their tesseract box HomePod – only a year or two late to the party! I particularly enjoyed the ad for it, which is very nicely done whilst promising that you will get pulled into the tesseract and possibly meet an alternative (better?) version of yourself who then leaves you behind in a dark, cold dimension… or is that just me?

Serious vibes of Interstellar’s fifth dimension there… love it.

Things of the internet

One of the things I love about the internet is what an amazing resource it can be for creatives – here’s a few links and articles that I’ve discovered this week:

  • The nostalgia machine – type in a year from your early childhood and prepare for the waves of nostalgia:
  • If you’re a guitarist (or chordy musician) here’s a collection of songs with chords for you to play / sing along to
  • Hipsum – that’s Hipster Lorem Ipsum. For designers who tire of putting fake Latin into their concept work, use this to make Loren Ipsum more interesting (understanding clients are required):
  • Are writers born or made? That’s the question asked in another great article on Brain Pickings, which makes interesting comments on the mimicking of genius that is probably more relevant now (with the internet) than ever.
  • Ever wondered how to make wood smooth without using sandpaper? Check out the Japanese craft of Kanna

Winter Poems, and Ulysses

This week I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy outside of my day job – I edited up a video I shot when the #BeastFromTheEast came to London, which I’ve titled Winter Poems – here it is (best watched full screen for sure):

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about the reasoning / decisions / processes / poetry that went into that film, you can read more here.

I also wrote a post about how I manage my writing projects with the app Ulysses. Unfortunately it’s only available on the Apple ecosystem so if you’re in the Android / Microsoft / Linux ecosystem – hard luck, but if you’re interested have a read here:

advice on how to manage your writing projects with ulysses

Top tweets

How to write a headline

The magic of Blade Runner 2049

Chaucer doth tweet 4 Non Blondes

Mark Twain at it again

The end is nigh

Top creatives

Inventor Trevor Baylis died this week aged 80 – he was particularly recognised for building the wind-up radio that helped to tackle the spread of HIV by providing access to educational radio programmes in hard to reach areas.

trevor baylis poses for the camera with a pipe and his wind up radio

I discovered an illustrator called Fran Evans this week. I absolutely love her nostalgic, playful style:

Pink Cat by Illustrator Fran Evans

International Women’s Day

Finally, it was #InternationalWomensDay yesterday, and I made a shout out to my wife (I promise I affirm her other days of the week too, and that I meant every word):

I’d also like to thank the wonderful women in my family: especially my Ma and three sisters who are all amazing, and I’m very blessed to look up to and think of as friends, as well as family.

That’s it for this week… any suggestions for next week, drop me a comment below or tweet me! Happy Friday!