How to hide Amazon from Google searches

If you’re anything like me you might mean well and want to support the little (or at least littler) guys when shopping online, but Amazon just keeps coming up again and again in the results.

You might be uncomfortable seeing Amazon profits booming (especially during this Covid-19 time) when local smaller businesses are clearly struggling to compete on any level. Amazon has become a behemoth and has a monopoly on internet purchases (partly due to their excellent shipping infrastructure, and boy do we want stuff now).

Well, here’s a simple trick to stop Amazon results from coming up. Simply add the following to the end of any search on Google:

That’s it! For example:

Beard trimmers

Of course, this trick works for any site you can think of. If you’d rather keep the right wing out of your news searches:

Or maybe you’re fed up of social media platforms thinking they have anything useful to say:

Dead simple, but quite handy. Of course the alternative is if you only want to search a particular website. In that scenario, just remove the dash:

Give it a go! Let me know if you find this trick useful. I originally posted this idea on Twitter over Christmas, but have realised it’s pertinent to lockdown as well!