Friday Review

G&T marmalade, Irish flu shots, and bonkers lawyers

Another week, another Friday Review – this one has flown by! There’s not as much here as normal, but with good reason: this week I’ve written not one but TWO reviews, plus I’m on my second draft of my first short story (at the moment it’s not even that short). Anyway, onto the week…

Latest videos

This week the new Incredibles 2 trailer came out… I’m probably more excited about this than a grown man should be:

Whilst we’re talking videos, have you seen this Nike advert yet? I imagine if you live outside London you’re thinking yuck. But I’ve quite enjoyed it anyway, though I’m by no means a #LONDONER

What. Is. This?

Speaking of London… here’s a creepy event that’s been well marketed in Black Mirror-style. “Danger of acute death“… coming soon:


Jobs at Dyson

Dyson are building an electric car with a production date of 2020. They have a raft of new jobs available, so if you’re happy to move to sleepy little Malmsbury then check it out on LinkedIn.

Stop sitting down

Just in case you didn’t know, sitting is really crummy for your health. Why not read this standing up?

Gin + Tonic Marmalade

A company has broken breakfast by making gin and tonic marmalade. I particularly like this from their description:

Goes very well in a cucumber sandwich

Won’t give you a crippling hangover

The company also do a drink called Unicorn Tears – but I think it’s just gin with sparkly bits in it.

Bonkers lawyer photos

As part of my job at Overture, I take professional portrait photos of lawyers for their websites. I came across this irreverent section on the Roll on Friday website which pokes fun at what they call ‘bonkers lawyer photos’ – the captions are priceless!

That’s just a tiny sample, here’s all of them: Bonkers lawyers

Reviews reviews reviews

I’ve been busy writing up my thoughts on a book I read and a film I watched – check out the links below and let me know your thoughts on my thoughts…

book review grandmother sends her regards

Film Review for Marvel's Black Panther

A few tweets

A hundred-year-old selfie:

Ridiculous quantum computer cooling nerd-out:

Last SpaceX tweet I promise:

As seen in my Black Panther film review:

‘Nuff said:

British Cookies:

Irish flu shots:

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week. Anything going on next week I should know about?

Happy Friday!

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