Good Night Countess [Podcast / Audio Version]


Well, this is exciting. I’ve produced my first ever podcast, and it’s even on iTunes. The series is called “Graham’s Shorts”, and although this is just the first episode, the plan is that I will record audio versions of each of the short stories I write for this blog for all of you demanding a multisensory experience of… which is none of you.

You can listen to the podcast below, but it’s probably more the sort of thing you might listen to on your commute – in which case, jump to iTunes and subscribe so you can download it straight onto your phone to listen to at any time. For those not on the Apple ecosystem, it’s also available on Stitcher. I have applied to have it on Spotify too which I think is probably the holy grail of modern podcasting now, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

Anyway, enough wittering – here’s the first episode! If you enjoy it, please do let me know and leave a review on the iTunes store, that’d be super duper.

By the way, huge thanks to Rhys Isaac-Jones who did the reading for me, and I’m sure you’ll agree did an amazing job! What a pro.

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By the way, if you’re reading this on a mobile, the audio player link won’t work… actually, it won’t even show. So click on one of the links above to listen on iTunes or Stitcher, or head to my Podcast homepage on BuzzSprout.

Like and subscribe… please like and subscribe…

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