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Welcome to Friday Review, my weekly newsletter where I take a look back at the week that was and pick out a few highlights – including, but not limited to; interesting articles & news, stuff I’ve leant, what I’ve been up to, what I’m reading, things (and people) to give thanks for / shout outs to talented people, what I’m excited about, links, reviews, sales, apps and excellent gifs / top tweets / videos.

Big tubes, Hamilton, and Email in Real Life


Welcome to Friday Review no. 15! Well this week has been a scorcher whilst stuck at work – but I’m off to Kent for the weekend and of course it’s going to rain. Such is life! Here’s this week’s Friday Review – a little short as I’ve also just finished my review of Hamilton (theatre), which has just gone live this morning. Interesting stuff If you like big machinery and impressive...

Pride and Breadjudice, Dan Tom, and the English Alphabet


Welcome to Friday Review no. 14, a collection of fun and interesting things that I’ve found from around the web! Top Tweets In a break from tradition I’m going to start this week’s Friday Review with my top tweets! Hurrah! SUSPENDED ANIMATION: SUSPENDED ANIMATION is an anagram of ‘supine man is not dead’. — Haggard Hawks (@HaggardHawks) April 12, 2018 A memory of broccoli:...

iPhone Movies, Wes Anderson, and a Looping Tuba


Welcome back to Friday Review, a fast food style weekly roundup of internetish things along with a seasoning of updates – it may not be entirely substantial, but sometimes it’s just what you want for breakfast. New this week I was fascinated to see a feature length movie has been released that was entirely shot on iPhone. With phone cameras genuinely shooting decent...

Good Friday Sunrise, Elsa Bleda, and a Podcast


It’s Good Friday today! I’m a bit delayed writing this week’s Friday Review because for some reason I decided to pop out to Burgess Park this morning before sunrise to capture a quick timelapse video of the sunrise. Lucy said, “where’s the rest of it?” – this is about 2 HOURS of recording time. Oh well…  This week’s reading Nadia Boulanger:...

Rhinos, God in the machine, and Big Data Mistakes


Welcome to Friday Review no. 11, where I round up a bunch of things that I’ve found interesting across the internet, including articles, news, videos, top tweets and more. Why not subscribe to my newsletter to get notified of this and other articles that I write? This happened Some of my readers will remember watching Newsround on CBBC – I loved the programme and even now think that...

Lightsaber Academies, Abbey Road, and the Legend of Cambria


Can you believe it? This is the tenth episode of Friday Review, my quick roundup of all the interesting and fun stuff I’ve read about on the internet each week. Thanks for reading, and feel free to share this with anyone else you think might enjoy it.  Well, it certainly seems that each week as I write one of these posts, another person of significance has passed away. This week is no...

Kanna, Nostalgia Machines, and The Apple Tesseract


Hi, and welcome to another instalment of Friday Review – a curation of some of the more interesting, creative and sometimes hilarious things I’ve discovered over the last week. If you enjoy this, why not forward it on to a friend? On to the week… The week that robots made their first move The internet of things has arrived, and it’s cackling at us whilst we cower in a corner:...

Weather from Wherever, London Loop, and a Yellow Phone


Snow day? No chance … at least not if you live in Central London and can walk to work! However, if you do happen to be at home with nothing to do on snow day (and you have children), kids eat free at Jamie’s today: Word of the week This week’s word of the week: Latibulate, which means to hide in a corner… as in; to latibulate with a toasty log fire and a cuppa hot chocolate Yum...

G&T marmalade, Irish flu shots, and bonkers lawyers


Another week, another Friday Review – this one has flown by! There’s not as much here as normal, but with good reason: this week I’ve written not one but TWO reviews, plus I’m on my second draft of my first short story (at the moment it’s not even that short). Anyway, onto the week… Latest videos This week the new Incredibles 2 trailer came out… I’m...

Robodogs, London jaunts, and a near-death mattress


Welcome to Friday Review episode 6! Signup to my newsletter to get notified about this and other posts on my creative blog. Onto the week… That Friday feeling This track has been giving me a Friday feeling all week, give it a listen: Out and about My friend Jennie has started a new blog: Jolly Jaunts in London – she’s great at finding unusual and interesting things to do in our...

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