Friday Review

Good Habits – and Whisky

This week I’ve been offered a Monzo Golden ticket… that basically means that I can invite one person to join the bank which will jump you to the front of the queue to get one. To be in with a chance to win, subscribe to my weekly newsletter and I’ll choose one subscriber at random to arrange it*

In creative news (not #fakenews)

  • A graphic design job ad went viral in LA, with applicants from all over the world having fun on twitter:

I’ve been writing

  • I wrote an article about how difficult it is to grow and improve ourselves over a long period of time by pure willpower, and how important it is to build in good habits and break bad habits. It’s pretty long, but has been well received so I encourage you to have a read with a cup of tea and let me know your thoughts! Click here to have a read.
  • Coming next week: I’m writing an article on why push notifications are turning us into little more than Pavlov’s dogs
  • Also, coming soonish: a new series of short stories inspired by sentences I’ve come across in Duolingo. The first one, “Good night, Countess”, is just waiting for an edit and should be live in the next couple of weeks. I was thinking of calling the series “a Duolingo story” – does anyone have a better idea for a title? Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter.

An Experimental Burns Night

You’re probably aware that the 25th (last night) was Burns’ night, where Scottish wannabes the world over celebrate the 19th century poet and rascal. This week I attended an excellent night hosted by Glenfiddich titled “An experimental Burns’ night”, which consisted of whiskey (quite a lot of it), and an wonderful ‘Scottish Tapas’ menu prepared by Adam Handling of the Frog Restaurant, Covent Garden.

It was a wonderful evening, great value, topped off with some excellent spoken word / poetry by Kevin of the Loud Poets (he read a bit of Robert Burns’ poetry, but his own was beautiful and very touching – barely a dry eye in the place).

I left with a sense that my brain, heart and stomach had increased in size, but my liver had probably shrunk. All signs of an evening well spent!

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Leadenhall Market, London

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Creative Jobs

Apart from the amazing graphic design ad referenced above, here’s another job that caught my eye, working for the guys behind the WordPress plugin Advanced Custom Fields:

Having a rough month so far?

To help put things in perspective, did you know that the Saxon word for January was Wulfmonath: the month when starving wolves were bold enough to enter villages. So when you stub your toe in the morning, remember at least you (probably) don’t have to worry about the wolves coming in…

And finally

Is this the best bench plaque ever?

Happy Friday!



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