Friday Review

Big tubes, Hamilton, and Email in Real Life

Welcome to Friday Review no. 15!

Well this week has been a scorcher whilst stuck at work – but I’m off to Kent for the weekend and of course it’s going to rain. Such is life! Here’s this week’s Friday Review – a little short as I’ve also just finished my review of Hamilton (theatre), which has just gone live this morning.

Interesting stuff

  • If you like big machinery and impressive engineering, check out this, the world’s third hyperloop test track which is currently under construction: link
  • Blackmagic design, a video camera company in America have gone and done it again – last week they announced a new version of their Pocket Cinema Camera – I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s capable of amazing things at a very low price. Shipping in September though: link

A few fun videos

I’ve been doing a bit of research at work and part of it has been watching amusing corporate videos! Here’s a couple I enjoyed – they’re a bit old but still good:

Email in real life

Don’t be a pitch

Every meeting ever

Top tweets

Marvel’s wildly inaccurate commute representation

Not so smart after all

This art commission

Fun photography app

It might be a bloke thing, but I love getting points for things – I could do something all day if I kept getting little point rewards for it and seeing my ranking improve (that’d be the reason social media is so popular then). Anyway, a colleague showed me this website/app – which is a lot of fun: Guru Shots Photography Game

Basically you find competitions to enter and people vote for the entries they like (you also get more exposure the more you vote), and some (not all) of the competitions have prizes.

Instagrammer of the week: The Find Lab

The Find Lab on Instagram

This is one of only a few corporate Insta accounts I follow – they are a high end film lab in the US. One of the reasons I love it is because of the range of photos they show from various great photographers who are shooting on film right now. It provides inspiration for my wedding photography but also just shows the beauty of real film still can’t be surpassed by digital.

A few examples


Hamilton (theatre review)

I’ve written my first theatre review this week for the incredible HAMILTON. You can read it here: link

And finally: a wee note on validation

If somebody does something you think is great, tell them (if it’s true)! Whilst your concern may be that they’ll get a big head, you’d be amazed how little people hear it, and sometimes it’s just the encouragement that one needs to push on.

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!