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Back to Peckham

Welcome to the very first edition of Friday Review, where I take a quick look back at the week and pick out a few highlights – including, but not limited to; interesting articles, stuff I’ve learnt, what I’ve been up to, what I’m reading, things I’m thankful for, shout outs to talented people, what I’m excited about, links, reviews, sales, apps and excellent gifs.

I’m calling this one…



Thomas Hardy – Far from the Madding Crowd (I got a load of classics for Chrimbo so I’ll be working through those this year. Aiming for a book per week over 2018, already fallen behind! 1/52). It was slow going at first (it was first published in 1874 after all), but it is incredibly beautiful and now I’m finding it hard to put down. Review coming soon.


Makers vs Managers Schedules by Paul Graham – It’s from the dark ages (2009) but rings very true today, about how to optimise use of time for people in different job roles (spoiler: Makers need large amounts of time blocked out to get anything meaningful done, whereas Managers like to have meetings peppered throughout the day and week).


Izotope audio plugin for Audacity – a tip off from my friend Jono at TBN, this plugin helps to remove noise, crackles and wind from audio tracks where the production went a little wrong – I’ve been there and know how it feels, and this pretty inexpensive plugin (on sale at the time of writing) might just save your butt


  • Finally got my website up and running
  • Had a (brief) conversation with Stephen Briggs (the excellent voice artist for a lot of the audio books for Terry Pratchett’s Discworld) on Twitter:

  • Muito bom! I’m 50% fluent in Portuguese according to Duolingo… which is nonsense.
    • I had a great time photographing the staff at Overture’s client Three Crowns:

  • Back to Parkrun in Burgess Park – time 24.14


  • Tony Robinson is thinking about doing a play of Maid Marian (children of the 90’s, rejoice). Hopefully it’ll be ready by P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p Pancake Day:

  • My friend Jay has returned to Shoreditch to resume working with super whizzy tech VR AR company Inition – so now I’ve got a new lunch buddy
  • Going to PeckhamPlex now we’re back in the hood

Thanks, appreciations and shout-outs

A huge shout out to Dan and Heather who are very kindly putting us up whilst we’re between living situations: we’re back in Peckham, yo


January’s a pretty depressing month, right? So here’s Seagulls – one of my favourite YouTube vids of all time:

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