Friday Review

February, Flame Throwers and Fake Phones

Quirky, sometimes banal, occasionally informative… Welcome to Friday Review! Get this straight in your inbox by subscribing to my newsletter. Onto the week that was… huzzah!


  • This week I started listening to the Adam Buxton podcast. It’s fun, random and occasionally thought-provoking, interspersed with little ditties like this holiday jingle:

“the holiday horn, goes ‘do-do-do’,

have a carrot, have two carrots

go to the toilet, take your time… holiday time”

Pure poetry.


Book review giant squid in the sea twenty thousand leagues

This happened:

  • Tony Robinson updated us on the Maid Marian and her Merry Men stage version: it may take 18 months, but I’m still really excited:

  • Plus, I got a promotion, woohoo!

On the tweets

Coming up next week


Congrats to Lisa and Phil who both won Monzo Golden tickets in my prize draw last week! Thanks for subscribing everyone 🙂

This week’s interesting jobs

  • Electrical Engineer at Naim in Salisbury: if you’re into audio and electrical engineering, I imagine it would be a dream job. They are a seriously impressive company.
  • Senior Designer at a branding agency in London
  • 3D Designer at a design agency in East London

And finally

Phew, that’s a lot of stuff. Happy Friday!