Filmmaking Projects

Daniel Herskedal – The Mistral Noir

This is a short post about a music video I put together for jazz artist Daniel Herskedal. Watch the film above or continue reading for a little more information about the process.

Daniel Herskedal is one of the very talented jazz artists on the British jazz record label Edition Records. He’s a virtuosic tuba player heralding from Norway, known for pushing the boundaries of the instrument to produce stunning lyrical tunes and soundscapes, and also for his explorations with technology and music, helping to bring the tuba firmly into the 21st century.

I shot this music video a couple of years ago with Dave Stapleton, owner of Edition Records and a passionate jazz musician himself (you can hear him playing in Slowly Rolling Camera, who you’ll regularly spot on  Jamie Cullum’s BBC Radio 2 show as well as various cool Spotify playlists).

Having listened to the track a few times, I wanted to give the film an etherial quality – Daniel plays each instrument (tuba and bass trumpet) on loop so there would be a variety of playing but all him, so I was somewhat limited in the range of what I could cut to, so I decided to make more of the instruments and to use heavily contrasted lighting to bring mystery to each shot. The film was shot at the Talking Heads in Southampton.

You can watch the final result in the below video – it’s best watched with headphones (Daniel’s music is beautiful after all).