Hi, Mum!


I’m Graham, a creative based in London, UK**.

Hi, I’m Graham Ormiston, and this is my site

Things I enjoy

Design, playing music, writing, anything with cameras – in fact, pretty much anything visual, making websites, video editing, ideas, problem solving, wood work.

Stuff people pay me to do

Currently I’m working as Digital Lead at Overture London near Old street, Photographer at Novo Weddings, and occasionally I help Lucy out with our digital agency as a back seat Director. I also volunteer as a Videographer / Web Developer for non-profit Salt.london, ‘cos it’s interesting and feels meaningful.

Why does this site even exist?

I love working on projects by myself and with others. I’ve historically not been great at finishing projects, as I tend to have lots of ideas and get excited about the new ones more than completing the old ones. This site is therefore intended to serve two purposes;

    1. to give an insight into my past and future work for anyone interested (whoever that might be?) and;
    2. to provide some online accountability that should encourage me to see more projects through to completion***.

Please do have a look around – I’m often updating the site and working on new things so drop me a line as I’m always keen to hear from like-minded people.

** Living in Camberwell, working in Shoreditch. *** I keep being told i’m not a finisher. Thanks, Myers Briggs.

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